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Interventions often are what convince addicts to come forward and receive recovery treatment or help. Unless carefully planned and executed it can also become what drives an addict away from getting help and living sober. A good treatment center like Inspirations for Youth and Families usually will have a staffed interventionist, whose job is to fly to wherever is necessary and help the family stage an intervention. For those who cannot afford to have an interventionist fly to them but they have an loved one in desperate need of treatment, these tips will help you to plan a successful intervention.

Planning a drug intervention

1. Meet with family, friends and any other close supporters

Be sure NOT to include the addict at this meeting. You and all the supporters must also agree on complete confidentiality. At this meeting you will discuss facts about the addict and make sure to document their harmful behavior, and try not to be too repetitive. Also feel free to discuss possible reactions from the addict so he or she will be prepared during the actual intervention and determine how you will address them. Do not include small children into the intervention.

2. Meet with a professional counselor or therapist

Be sure to have your entire intervention group consult with a professional in the field. This therapist will be able to help you rehearse and guide your group in the direction needed to make your intervention successful. Write down a list of behaviors that will no longer be acceptable from the addict such as stealing, using drugs and etc.

3. Discuss a treatment option

Your therapist can also help you to find a great rehab that fits the needs of your addict. Don’t be afraid to do your own research! Hit the search engine to find a treatment center that provides the right level of care.

4. Choose a location

Your location must be in a private setting and contains no distractions. Everyone must be aware of where they are going to be seated. Also choose your intervention to be at a moment you are definite the addict will be sober. For example, during the mornings most addicts are not coming down from a high and are no longer high. At this time most addicts will be looking to get their next high and be sober until then.

5. Have the intervention!

Now that you have gathered everyone, everything you’ll need to say and found a place to hold an intervention all you have to do is bring the addict. Key things to remember once they are at the interventions’ location are to speak calmly and not accuse anyone. Remember to use words such as “I” and “we” when addressing the addict an example would be “I am hurt at how your recent behavior has been affecting our relationship.”

6. Ask the addict to confirm they have a problem

If the addict denies or refuses to admit they have a problem go around the room stating for evidence of their using. Avoid accusations and sounding angry allow them a chance to explain but do not believe them. Make sure to explain you love them and do not want to see them destroy their lives.

7. Offer immediate help

Make sure to provide the addict with immediate help at a treatment center. At this point the addict may agree to receiving help later or deny it altogether but remember this is an ultimatum and not to be negotiated under any circumstances. If the addict is lashing out do not cave in, your therapist will be able to help with their raging emotions.

8. Keep it positive

The point of this intervention is not to gang up or push blame and guilt onto the addict. Make sure to remind them that you care and this is for their safety.

What if they refuse treatment?

Most interventions like these end with the addict agreeing to treatment but if they continue to refuse the intervention at least you have started a very important part of recovery. Now the addict will have no choice but to accept that they have a problem and their lifestyle will become harder to maintain.

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8 tips for planning a successful teen intervention
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