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teen worried about teen rehab
For many addicts – teen and adults alike – the anxiety of entering a rehab is often bigger than the anxiety of not going at all. Even those who voluntarily accept to the terms of attending our teen rehab tend to have a little apprehension about their stay. These fears do not stem from not wanting to break their destructive habits or their teenage rebellion. This is a natural human emotion derived from the fear of the unknown.

Going away to a foreign place and living with people you don’t know is a daunting task for both parents and their teens. To alleviate their fears here are some things you can expect at Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab.

1. We will go through your stuff

Parents and teens always seem surprised at how often and randomly we check our teens for illicit drugs or anything else that can cause them harm and hamper your teen’s recovery. Upon a teen’s arrival at Inspirations they undergo a thorough luggage and on-person inspection. In addition, bed checks are performed on a nightly basis at 15-minute intervals. This is to ensure your teens are adhering to our rules so that their safety as well as the other teens will never be compromised.

2. You have to earn your freedom

Many teens enter our rehab in denial and do not believe they have a drug or alcohol addiction or mental health issue. At this stage teens are often upset – to put it mildly – at their families for not consulting with them first regarding the decision to send them to a drug rehab. As the weeks go by and they begin to calm down they understand why they are here. That being said – rehab is not supposed to be a vacation and simple privileges must be earned. Upon arrival teens are briefed on our level system and how they can earn special rights based on their behaviors and accomplishments.

3. Our food is great!

When attending rehab food may not be your first priority, but it’s worth noting that Inspirations for Youth and Families provides a flexible dining experience for our clients. Our teens receive catered meals for lunch and dinner as well as varying options on where they can eat! For breakfast teens are free to use the kitchenettes in their apartments to create a hearty meal. In between meals we always provide tasty and healthy snacks for our teens. In addition, once a week the teens all participate in making a shopping list and going to the grocery to buy food to store in their apartments. For more on our Inspirations dining experience check out this blog!

4. Teens are never alone

Isolation is often a sign of regressing and is a habit we try to break our teens from their daily routine. Although we understand the fundamentals of privacy and having time to themselves teens are under 24/7 supervision. Our teens will be constantly around others in everything they do including therapy, daily outings, and simply having a room-mate.

5. Weekends is not a ghost town!

At Inspirations teens are always active on the weekends as they go on sober fun activities. These outings can range from fishing, visiting a local museum, paint-balling or going to the beach. Sober fun outings allow teens to experience fun while not under the influence of drugs and in good company.

6. Bad behavior will not be tolerated

Similarly to your freedom being earned, Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab has zero tolerance for bad behavior and reacts accordingly. Teens are held accountable for their actions and will receive consequences for their actions including loss of privileges or being unable to attend outings with other teens.

7. They will be attending meetings

Teens, at their own discretion have the opportunity to attend nightly support group meetings. These meetings are meant to educate your teens on the effects of their addiction as well as provide a platform where they can share with others similar problems. Many of our teens start off shy and afraid to go or participate in these meeting but by the end of their stay they are one of the things they miss the most. Meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provide support for those in recovery and are great vehicles to help teens maintain their sobriety.

This article written by Karen Daniels, Inspirations for Youth and Families Clinical Director. As the clinical director, Karen is responsible for providing 24-hour management of all clinical functions of the facility. Karen also oversees the entire admission and clinical intake process.

7 things you can expect when admitted to Inspirations teen rehab
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