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teen addict
Teens addicted to drugs and alcohol exhibit subtle behaviors which become tell tale signs that they are addicts. If you suspect your teen may have a problem monitor these signs below closely.

7 signs of teen addiction:

Acting secretive

Teens abusing drugs often know that what they are doing is detrimental to their health and well being. To avoid getting caught and being told to stop they will generally use their drug of choice in private. They may also lie about their whereabouts and activities.

Withdrawing from friends and family

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol means putting the need to use before anyone and anything else. A teen addict will continue to put using before their family and friends. They withdraw from social gatherings or may perpetually arrive late and leave early. Eventually they become unresponsive to texts and phone calls.

Skipping school

Attending school regularly soon becomes too hard for an addict and skipping or leaving early will often be their next step. Teen addicts tend to leave school to sleep off their drug abuse until they need to use again. A steep decline in school performance and attendance is a definite sign that drug abuse may be the cause.

Loss of interest in hobbies

A loss of interest in the hobbies they once loved can be a sign of drug abuse and addiction. Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol tend to lack motivation. Along with anxiety and depression teens become more interested in abusing drugs rather than indulge in their hobbies.

Spending money quickly

An addiction is a costly habit that if left untreated can burn through a teen’s allowance or part-time pay pretty quickly. Teens also find other means for getting drugs such as stealing or borrowing. If you notice your teen needs allowance more often than normal it maybe to fit the bill for their expensive habit.

Neglecting personal appearance

Teens that are lost in addiction often care little for their personal appearance and hygiene. The effects of drug use also cannot be hidden anymore such as weight loss and bloodshot eyes which are signs of heavy drug use. If your teen’s appearance has changed drastically they could be suffering from addiction.

Engaging in risky behavior

To stimulate the effects drugs produce some teens may indulge in risky behavior. Activities like driving fast, jumping from high places and fighting causes the body to rush with endorphins and adrenaline.

7 signs your teen may be an addict
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