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Keeping a healthy and positive relationship with your teens has become very important and at the same time very difficult to achieve over the last few years. Many families of today have very little daily interaction. Instead they chalk up a majority of “bonding” and communication time through family vacations. The lack of communication between families can be seen as teens are falling prey to drug abuse and self harm.

It may require a little more effort but these six tips can help you reconnect with your teen.

1.Have a conversation

Whether you are in between a commute or just in the same room together take the opportunity to have a conversation with your teen. For those with a strained relationship with their teen you can ask relevant questions about their lives or if they’ve seen the latest in current events.

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group chat2

Here’s an example of a family group chat.

2.Create a family group chat

In today’s modern world a great way to stay in touch and up to date with your teen would be in a group chat. A group chat is a messaging feature that allows you to message multiple phone contacts at once. Creating a chat with all family members to quickly exchange messages about their day is an ideal way to reach out to your teens. Some teens are hesitant to have their parents on social media however at least within a group chat the messages are private and allow you to talk to your teen anywhere and at anytime.

 Show your teens you support their interest and passions.

3.Support their passions

Whether its sports, art, or music to show your teens you support their interest and passions. Find ways to become a part of their interests. If it’s not possible for you to join in then it is just as well to listen and learn about it from your teen. Get to know your teen by finding out about their interests and why they become excited about a chosen activity.

4.Volunteer Together

Get to know your teen more by giving back. Talk about the different causes or organizations they support and volunteer together. This shows your teens you are interested in the causes that they support and are willing to give back.
teen friends

5.Show interest in their friends

As teens are exploring their social world beyond their immediate family it is a great idea to get to know their friends. These will be the people your teen spends most of their time with. Getting to know their friends allows you to bond with your teen more as you gain an insight into their personal lives. It also helps to make sure the influences around your teens are not negative or destructive.

6.Allocate time to spend together

Another great way to get to know your teen is to set aside time even if it’s only twenty minutes each day. Take a page from families of the past and schedule family meetings weekly. This time can be where you swap stories about your week, discuss topics of concern or even just discuss what your thoughts are. Setting aside the time to talk and listen to your teens are a great way to build up interpersonal relationships at home. A great time to chat can be while making dinner as it saves time and can become better if your teen helps out.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

6 ways to connect with your teen
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