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say no to drug abuse
There are many reasons why teens fall into drug abuse. From seeking an escape to a split second decision each teen has their own reason for using, peer pressure being one of them. To be blunt it is using either subtle or unsubtle means to convince a person to do what you have requested them to do, which is a feeling I’m sure we are all familiar with or have been faced with at one point.

Saying NO is not as easy as some parents or even friends make it out to be. Peer pressure often comes from friends whom you’ve been close with all your life! It also comes in many forms making it hard to associate whether this is a choice you made yourself or because it was suggested.

For teens struggling to say no here are 6 ways to handle peer pressure and drug abuse:

1. Be the designated driver!

Always offer to be the designated driver or sober man. No one will argue with you if you are opting to be the one to drive everyone around while they are under the influence.

2. You have an event the next day.

This may seem like a cliché excuse but it does deter people from offering you drugs. Say you have an important meeting, visit or event the following day for which you don’t want to be hung over or strung out for.

3. Keep a bottle of your own (non-alcoholic)

Keeping a bottle doesn’t mean holding onto a bottle of beer all night hoping someone won’t offer you more. Keep a non alcoholic beverage whether its soda, iced tea, fruit punch, or even water. Having a drink and being satisfied with it will deter people from asking you to drink because you already have something of your own.

4. Be busy

If you are in a setting that allows you to keep busy then do so! No one will be asking you to do drugs if you are too busy having fun by dancing. Most teens use because they view it as fun, if you are already having fun without drugs there will be no need to offer you drugs.

5. Blame your parents

I know that seems lame but it honestly works. If your parents are strict and won’t allow you to do such things,  let your peers know you will have consequences to face. No one will try to offer drugs to you or try to be the person getting you in trouble.

6. Leave

When all else fails leave. If you are still being persistently asked to try drugs and you don’t want to then the best course of action is to get away from the surroundings. At this point if this person is still applying peer pressure they truly don’t respect your decision to stay sober and drug free. It would be best to hang out with others that share and support the same belief.

6 Tips for teens on saying NO to drug abuse
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