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5 Tips staying drug and alcohol free Prom Night
Prom is always set to be one of the most memorable nights of your high school life. It’s the one night where for many rules do not apply.

During prom season more than one-third of young adults under the age of 21 are killed in alcohol related fatalities.

– National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Although the prom is a night to remember and enjoy to the fullest we encourage teens to do so safely, we would rather you live to tell the tale of your epic night.

Here are five tips for staying drug and alcohol free on prom that won’t ruin your night:

1.Do not do drugs or drink alcohol

As cliché and overused as this sentiment is it has its merits. Doing drugs or alcohol will only put you and your friends in a position for accidents or mishaps to happen. Instead try attending after parties where no alcohol will be served.

If you find yourself attending a party where alcohol or drugs will be available volunteer to be the designated driver. We are by no means advocating teens to drink but realistically you can’t control the actions of every teen attending the party. Instead be the one to step up and make a conscious decision for the good of your friends.

2.Don’t give in to peer pressure

We all know how tempting peer pressure can be and how hard it can be to resist. However, stand firm in your beliefs if you find yourself still being pressured or close to giving in please initiate your back up plan. This plan will help you to escape the environment or gain control over the situation where you don’t have to give in. Remember no matter how lame or bad your peers try to make you feel about being sober you are the one your friends or group is depending on to get them home safely. Appeasing your peers is not worth potentially getting hurt. Find more tips on how to beat peer pressure here.

3.Be clear about your plans

Nothing is worse than driving around on prom night looking for something to do. Make sure you and your friends have concrete plans of where you will be. A friend may have ulterior motives like bringing or getting their own booze or joints. To avoid confusion or being trapped in a peer pressured situation everyone should be on the same page about where you are going.

4.Have a backup plan

In the event you are left feeling unsafe at any point be sure to have a backup plan. Whether its arranging a ride or leaving early having a contingency plan in place ensures you can arrive home safely. Don’t be afraid to leave or take a safer way home for the sake of your reputation. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5.Stay within your group

A common mistake teens make on nights like the prom is being separated from their group of friends. Now we’re not saying you should be glued together at all times but it is important to stay within close proximity or keeping tabs on your whereabouts throughout the night. This can prevent health mishaps or injuries from occurring. Also in case of an emergency where a friend needs to leave being within each other’s company makes leaving easy and timely.


5 Tips for staying drug and alcohol free on prom night
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