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what to expect at drug rehab
Some people who visit drug rehab web sites that showcase luxurious facility pictures including a resort-like swimming pool hold the misconception that rehab = good times. They will undoubtedly assume that a drug rehab program will offer the same luxury that many 5 star hotels do and this is the case at some rehabs. But if your intention is to go to a drug rehab as if you are going on a vacation, then I can assure you that you will not get better.

Here are 5 things you can expect during your stay at a reputable drug rehab:

1. You will feel uncomfortable when you first arrive

When first admitted, you will most likely feel uncomfortable. It is important to understand that you are the new teen in town and sometimes the others may not treat you with open arms at first. You will also have to come to grips with the fact that you actually need help and your life will never be the same when you are discharged. Usually your first group session or introduction to other clients will be what causes you the most discomfort. You might feel ashamed, embarrassed and even over whelmed by being in an environment geared towards helping you overcome addiction.

But things get better the longer you stay and you may find that you develop long lasting relationships with the other teens, behavioral technicians, and primary therapists after you leave the drug rehab center.

2. Challenged

Your drug rehab stay will challenge you both mentally and physically. Coming to terms with your addiction is extremely difficult and during treatment expect to experience a range of emotions including anger, depression, and denial. Most teens who enter rehab think they don’t have a problem and need to face the reality that they suffer from an addiction.

3. Meet incredible people

During your stay in a rehab you will meet some of the most incredible people that are either sharing your challenge or have successfully recovered from addiction. From the staff to the clients you are sure to come across amazing people who will change your life for the better and inspire you.

4. Second guess yourself

During your drug rehab stay expect to second guess yourself. Often times you’ll wonder if you are strong enough to do this and whether this is even worth it. You may feel like your problems are closing in on you but it’s important to stay strong and persevere. By communicating with the other teens, techs, and your primary therapist is the best way to overcome this obstacle.

5. Change

One guarantee that you will experience is your life will be dramatically changed when you enter a drug and alcohol rehab. Change comes differently for each individual. For some they will feel it right away and for others it may take some time depending on their coping skills. Each day during residential treatment you tackle your addiction head on and the most successful make use of their time in treatment wisely.

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