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teen questions about drugs and alcohol

This blog is to share with your teens to educate them about drugs and alcohol. Remember the best prevention is education.

Inspirations for Youth and Families not only works with teens to overcome their abuse of drugs and alcohol we educate them. Many of our teens admit to using a drug without fully understanding the effects it may have on their body. During their stay we inform them of the effects drugs really have on their brains, body and growth.

Here are five of the most frequent questions our teens ask during our drug education course:

1. Why do some people get addicted and others don’t?

There is still research being done to explain this baffling question. What we do understand so far is that genes are playing a huge role. The same inclination for addiction can run in families and this explains how easily they develop addiction-like behaviors. A person’s environment also plays a part in their addiction development. There are many factors that create addiction including genes, age you begin using, experiences, and types of drugs abused.

2. Why are drugs so addicting?

Different drugs affect the brain differently however they all trigger the brain’s neurotransmitter releasing dopamine. This chemical is responsible for the pleasurable sensation or high experienced when on drugs. Upon repeated use the brain becomes accustomed to the surges in dopamine and begins to stop producing them normally. This is where the feeling of “withdrawals” are created. Addiction becomes rooted as everyday or natural “rewards” like eating, relationships are less pleasurable. In order to feel normal or happy this is where the addiction cycle starts to form as the users begins to use in order to function.

3. Are e-cigarettes dangerous?

E-cigarettes may market themselves as the healthy alternative to smoking but research is being conducted to back up this unfounded claim.

4. Can you still get addicted if you only use once in a while?

Yes. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a process not an event. Those addicted to drugs and alcohol start off as occasional users who increase their use because of the changes drugs create in the brain. The only thing we know for sure that won’t lead to addiction is abstinence.

5. Is marijuana really that bad?

Though it may be a plant and can be used to benefit many things marijuana is still a dangerous drug. To many it seems harmless but this drug has been shown to have severe effects on the brain especially those of teens. The harmful effects of marijuana are still being investigated.

It’s never too late to educate your child on the effects drugs and alcohol have on their bodies. If you need help or tips on how to talk to your teen about drug abuse try subscribing to our blog here.

5 Frequent questions teens have about drugs and alcohol
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