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smoking twix to get high

       Some teens smoke Twix to get high

When it comes to getting high teens have come up with some crazy and in some cases dangerous ways to alter their mindset. It is important to understand that we are reporting on this subject in order to educate parents about all aspects of teen drug abuse and other dangerous activities that they engage in since education can lead to prevention.

Here are Five Scary and Crazy ways Teens are getting High:

5. I-Dosing

First of all it is important to point out that this trend – like some others cited in this blog do not involve drug use. So here is how it goes. According to an article from the Daily Mail newspaper – teens are downloading specific types of digital recordings or watching certain kinds of YouTube videos that can get them high. Those who come up with the ‘doses’ claim different tracks mimic different sensations you can feel by taking drugs such as ecstasy or smoking marijuana.

Fortunately, there is no way to receive a chemical high from these sounds. This digital high is a form of binaural beat therapy used for clinical research on hearing and sleep cycles.


teens licking frogs to get high

Teen’ tongue after licking a toa

4. Licking Toads

Yes you read this correctly. The Gizmodo blog reports that this fad has made a come back. But it is not so easy to do because teens can only get high by licking particular toads. We won’t tell you which ones so kids can’t try this at home.

The toads that get you high are very hard to find. But if a teen is unfortunate to find this toad, the actual stuff from the toad that gets you high is called 5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine. The chemical gets into the body and acts as a serotonin agonist, binding to serotonin receptors and releasing a lot of the feel-good substance into the body.

3. Nutmeg

Nutmeg contains a small amount of myristician – a natural organic compound. This compound was used in ancient times as a hallucinogen for ritual purposes. The only way that teens can get high from nutmeg is if they consume an enormous amount of it. If they succeed the high follows with a nauseous hangover that can last for days. Additionally, this “high” can take up to 24 hours to take effect. Despite all the work that goes into getting high from nutmeg it apparently doesn’t stop teens from trying.

2. Smoking Twix

This one is so unbelievable it made a close running for first place. Smoking Twix – the popular cookie caramel candy bar – generates a lot of hype – when it was reported that teens are actually smoking this confection to get high. Teens claim you can get a trip from smoking the candy that tastes like s’mores. Of course there is no evidence indicating that you can get high from this caramel crunch delight. Still some teens are steadfast in their claim. Parents beware. You may want to deploy parental controls on your teen’s digital devices. There are tons of videos showing exactly how to smoke the candy – adding to its infamy.

1. Buttchugging


teens using cough syrup to butchugg and get high

Teens use cough syrup like this to “buttchug”.

The number one scariest and dangerous way teens are getting high is by “buttchugging,” where kids are actually consuming alcohol and/or cough syrup through their buttocks. By consuming alcohol or cough syrup this way it is supposed to get teens drunk or high faster.

Buttchugging is no laughing matter. This dangerous drinking practice sent a University of Tennessee student to the hospital with severe alcohol poisoning with a blood alcohol level off the charts at .4. “Go Ask Alice,” a Columbia Health forum was quoted: “The primary job of the intestines is to absorb nutrients into the body, if put directly into the colon it will be absorbed much more rapidly into the body than if done orally,” said Go Ask Alice. “It can make you very drunk, very quickly.”

As more teens use drugs or other seemingly benign things to experiment or cope with their problems we will see how far they will go to achieve a high. It’s important to educate teens and their parents on the dangers of getting high.

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