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drug addicted teen
Finding out your beloved teen has a drug addiction and how to properly seek them help is a challenging task for even the most prepared parents. There is an array of different methods to raising your drug addicted teens. Here are the top four things you should NOT do.

Guilt trips

Although this may seem like a “no brainer” you’ll be surprised by the number of subliminal ways the family or friends of a drug addicted teen can guilt trip them on their behavior. An addict seeking help already knows how awful and destructive they have been. It’s important instead to provide them with support for choosing to get help and sobriety.

Statements such as “Do you see what you’re doing?” or “Can’t you see you’re hurting your parents and yourself?” provide the addict with an unnecessary overload of guilt and disappointment which often leads to depression. A teen with a drug problem will internalize these types of statements which can lead to negative thoughts and a change in mind about getting help.


In the midst of addiction your teen will be selfish and making a deal or compromise with them based on their behavior will not be helpful. In this state it is important to remember the addiction is the boss and not your teen. As tempting as your offer may seem addicts are willing to bet their relationships on their next high. As frustrating as this may be it is essential to remember that addiction is a disease and it takes control of your loved ones leaving them powerless.

Implying fault

Blaming the addict or another person for their addiction is both cruel and will hinder your teen from taking treatment seriously. There are many factors when it comes to why addicts use from genetics down to their childhood experiences. In that respect, there are an abundance of elements that make up an addict so blaming them solely for their addiction is inaccurate.

Ignoring the signs

After trying a varying series of ways to get the best treatment and help for your teen and they are still addicted to drugs it may feel like nothing can be done. At this point many may begin to learn how to cope with this issue or even worse ignore it. When helping your addicted teen giving up is not an option and neither is pretending it is not happening.

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4 things not to do when raising a drug addicted teen
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