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teen sober activities

Many people see adolescence is a time of great wonder and fun. Although with those memorable experiences come the realities of growing up and the stress that comes with it. Even though, some view the worries of a teen as childish please remember what you were like as a teen. For the parents whose teens are going through stress or parents who see stress related misbehavior in their teens here are some sober activities to help.

Strong Bodiez and Teen sober activities

Teens and our Strong Bodiez trainers.

Here are four sober activities to help your teen relieve stress:

1.High-Intensity Activity

High-intensity workouts is a training technique used to keep your heart rate up by doing quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods. Exercise is a known reliever for stress and high-intensity workouts help to do just that. You can also relieve stress with other forms of activity such as running, weightlifting, or boxing. Our teens at Inspirations regularly relieve their stress during our gym sessions with the trainers from Strong Bodiez. See their weekly gym routine here.

2.Talk to someone

Everyone knows the relief of sharing your problems with another person. Talking through your worries with someone else whether a therapist, parent or friend it is important to work through your emotions in a positive manner.
Teens during Yoga sober activities

3.Weekly destressing activities

Similarly to our weekly gym sessions Inspirations has sober fun activities. These weekly outings and activities are designed to help relieve our teens. Have your teen participate in weekly destressing activities such as yoga, zumba, pottery, or art. These are fun activities known to help improve your mood and relieve stress.

4.Practice Breathing

Breathing and meditative techniques are becoming more and more popular among younger generations as a form of stress relief. There are many breathing techniques used to tackle stress and anxiety that are safe for teens to try. Techniques such as deep or abdominal breathing and breath counting. These along with simple meditation are an easy and inexpensive way to help relieve stress.

4 Sober Activities to help relieve your teen’s stress
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