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back to school drug-free tips
Adolescence is a time of many changes both positive and negative. For those who have suffered from substance abuse and are now assimilating back into life the challenge of growing up can become twice as hard. One of the most difficult parts for teens when returning from treatment is going back to school.

For some the treatment program they entered is nothing like Inspirations. The Inspirations treatment plan offers an education program so teens aren’t left behind academically. Many do not offer a schooling option and teens are left behind to catch up on the work they missed. In addition, to the stress of catching up teens must not give in to temptations to use while at school. However, Inspirations has created a list of tips that can help teens to remain drug-free while in school.

4 Tips to stay drug-free in school:

1. Set goals

Setting goals of what you want to be and achieve is a great way to stay on track. Having a clear objective in mind will help ward off temptations. When feeling under pressure recall all that is at stake if you decide to indulge in drugs. Additionally, it is good to imagine what you can lose or how much can go wrong even if you just try it once.
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2. Spend time with positive people

Nothing can keep you away from drugs more than being with positive and caring people. Many teens struggle with leaving their old friends behind and often relapse due to their influence. However, your sobriety should not be compromised because your friend will not respect or support your new sober choices. Spending more time with others with the same outlook on sobriety will help you to maintain yours.

3. Talk to others

A common misconception many teens believe while growing up is that they have no one to talk to. After receiving treatment many teens find how untrue this statement turns to be. When you are feeling tempted or overwhelmed your best bet is to speak to someone about how you are feeling. Whether it is a family member, friend, teacher or even a help hotline take the time to talk to others. Get rid of your fears and burdens by sharing them with others. Together you may be able to tackle the issue and resolve your worries.

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4. Pick a healthy new hobby

Hobbies are a great type of coping skill to stay drug-free. Join a new club or activity at school to keep you busy and away from drugs. Many teens start using drugs from boredom, having an after-school activity will help to keep you occupied and away from drugs. Another benefit to hobbies is their coping abilities. Whether its art, music, or some type of exercise these activities are designed to only benefit you. From stress and anxiety relief to reducing addiction triggers hobbies are a great way to help you stay drug-free.

Teens returning to their everyday life after treatment is often a difficult transition and many times where they tend to fall into relapse. Tips like the ones above can help a teen to make the transition into a stable and sober life easier.

Share these tips. You never know. You may be saving someone’s life.


4 Back to school drug-free tips for teens
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