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Get Help with Teen Addiction Rehabilitation.

Is it time to get your teen back on the right track? If you are thinking about sending your teen to rehab, then do not think any longer. It is time to take action. We have seen what happens when parents wait. Your teen’s safety and future are on the line. Speak with our qualified addiction experts now, so we can set you and your teen up with a customized-solution of addiction treatment, addiction prevention, personalized goals, dedicated 24/7 care, and more to restore their life ahead.

Our Mission is Simple:

Restoring Dreams, Saving Lives


Building Inspirations for Youth and Families, was done for one reason: to save as many lives as possible from the the chaos of teen behaviors combined with drug or alcohol use, abuse or addiction. Now, 15 years later, we have the most personalized solution. When you send your child, age 13-18, to our treatment facility, you do so because you know that a small, personalized, family approach is always the best solution. Our facility caters to the individual needs of each child. 

Inspirations provides a place where each child is listened to. We rebuild the discipline and strucutre in each teenagers life all while getting them back on the right track, but do not take our word for it. Let our results speak for us.

Stand Your Child Among the Thousands Who Beat Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

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