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teenage drug addiction
When it comes to addiction the signs can be very hard to pinpoint and are often overlooked for typical adolescent behavior. However, the physical signs of addiction are easier to identify and can be confirmed with a simple drug test.

10 common physical signs of teenage drug addiction:

1. Passing out

If your teen loses consciousness this is a sign they are ill. Passing out is also a frequent occurrence and side effect of drug abuse. Your teen can pass out for several reason all caused by the drugs in their system. If your teen frequently loses of consciousness or blacks out they should be brought immediately to medical attention.

2. Nausea

Another common side effect of drug abuse is nausea which usually occurs when an addict is experiencing withdrawals. If your teen frequently suffers from nausea they may be withdrawing from a drug and should be tested or brought to a drug detox immediately.

3. Shaking hands

This also known as a drug induced tremor. It can occur in arms, head, face, vocal cords and legs. This occurs as a result of the brain’s reaction to certain chemicals released from drugs. Drug induced tremors are not life threatening but are tell tale sign of drug abuse.

4. Vomiting

This is another sign of drug withdrawal and a very common side effect of drug abuse. Frequent vomiting from your teen could be a sign of drug abuse or even an eating disorder.

5. Hacking/Coughing

Frequent coughing or hacking are signs that your teen is abusing drugs they administer by smoking or inhaling. If your teen does not have cold or flu like symptoms but continuously coughs they may be abusing drugs.

6. Sores

Sores are another sign of frequent drug abuse especially illicit drugs that require a needle. Drug addicts often develop sores by itching injection sites or their skin causing sores and scabs to develop.

7. Puffy face

This side effect occurs usually in addicts who are experiencing adverse effects due to their drug use. If you notice your teen constantly has a swollen or puffy face they may abusing drugs.

8. Dilated eyes

Dilated eyes are a sign of drug abuse and will be noticeable when the addict is actually using or experiencing a high. If your teen has dilated pupils they are currently under the influence of drugs and should be monitored closely.

9. Increase or decrease in appetite

A common side effect of drug abuse is an increase and decrease of appetite. While under the influence addicts can go hours even days without feeling the need to consume food. Once their high is over an addict often become ravenous and usually tries to eat large quantities of food.

10. Trouble sleeping

Substance abuse disturbs the normal sleep patterns of teens. Some drugs induce sleep and causes teens to sleep more than usual or for lengthy amounts of time. Other drugs cause addicts to stay awake to maintain the high.

There are many other signs to teenage drug abuse including behaviors, physical appearance, and drug paraphernalia.

10 Physical signs of teenage drug addiction
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