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teen addicts
The signs of addiction are very hard to identify and often misread. There is no perfect way of identifying whether your loved one is an addict but these behavioral signs can help to identify if they may need help for addiction.

10 common behavioral signs of teen addicts:

1. Chronic depression

Teens exhibiting chronic signs of depression often resort to drugs or alcohol to help them cope. If you suspect your teen may be suffering from chronic depression seek assistance from a qualified psychologist.

2. Lack of responsibility

Responsibility is a trait most teens lack but an excessive lack of responsibility may be a sign of drug abuse. Those addicted to a substance have only one responsibility and that is to get more drugs to use. If you see your teen lacking more responsibility or accountability for their actions they might be abusing drugs.

3. Frequent accidents

If your teen has been experiencing frequent accidents and mishaps they may be under the influence of drugs. While injuries are a normal part of growing up frequent accidents are also a sign of reckless behavior on while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4. Sudden use of air fresheners, sprays, and incenses

To mask the scent of drug abuse your teen may develop the habit of turning to air fresheners to mask the scent of their drug abuse. If your teen room constantly smells like they sprayed perfume, lit candles or any odor hiding scents they could be abusing drugs.

5. Lying or asking others to cover for them

While omitting the truth is another typical teenage behavior excessive lying can come from abusing drugs. To cover their addiction your teen may lie about their whereabouts and what they have been doing.

6. New or different friends

A change in your teen’s inner circle may depict their changes in interest and social activities. If you notice a drastic change in friends that appear to leave a bad influence on your teen this might be a sign they are heading down the wrong path.

7. Stealing or missing items

A common behavior of addicts is to steal to pay for their addiction. If you notice valuable items have gone missing around your home your teen be stealing. Teens often steal to pay for their addiction and will steal from friends, families, even neighbors!

8. Depression, anxiety or panic attacks

If your teen is experiencing depression, anxiety or panic attacks often these are often side effects of drug abuse. Although drugs are known to allow users to experience intense feeling of euphoria the behaviors listed are frequent signs of drug abusers coming down from their high.

9. Emotional melt downs

Teens exhibiting emotional melt downs are often those coping with the stress of withdrawal symptoms. If your teen constantly suffers from emotional stress they could be trying to quit abusing drugs.

10. Loss of interest

A loss of interest can be a sign of maturity but it is also a common behavior of teen addicts. Addiction is a disease that consumes you and leaves no more for the addict to consider other things such as hobbies, goals or even relationships.

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