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Mental health disorder statistics:

1 in 5 Americans are currently living with a mental health disorder—that’s over 45.9 million people.

At Inspirations Teen Rehab, teens who have learning disabilities such as, ADHD/ADD, depression, or other complicating issues can receive the attention that is required to their specific needs. One of the greatest problems facing these teens is that they easily get “lost in the crowd.” Bright, capable kids might be written off as “difficult” or “defiant” and end up lost in the public school system or in traditional private schools. Inspirations offer specialized therapeutic behavioral and educational programs for teens in small class sizes, teachers and specialists who understand teens’ particular struggles, and uniquely impacting environments for teens who easily fall through the cracks in the home environment.

To learn more about mental health and how we treat it, click here!

Mental Health Disorder
Statistics via Journey Pure.

1 in 5 Americans are living with a mental health disorder
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