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1 in 4 families has at least one member with a mental disorder.


Teen Mental Disorder Treatment

Inspirations Teen Rehab provides treatment for teens struggling with mental disorders and behavior issues. Our teen behavior  programs along with our educational program take teens out of their immediate environment. Here peer pressure and other negative influences cannot interfere with the therapeutic process. Teens suffering from anxiety, depression, or other complicating issues can receive attention for their specific needs.

Teens suffering with addiction and mental disorders such as bi-polar, depression, or ADHD need to treat both in order to recover successfully. With that said Inspirations prides itself of providing dual diagnosis treatment to all their teens. Also with their addiction treatment teens are able to work on their mental health disorders as well. Teens are also exposed to our alternative forms of therapy to help them cope.

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1 in 4 families has at least one member with a mental disorder
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