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When your teen visits our location they will experience sustainable and long-lasting transformation. Your teen will be comforted and listened to during their entire stay. All of our programs are designed on an individual basis to meet each teens individual needs. This ensure a most pleasurable experience at Inspirations and a long-lasting recovery.

We are proud to offer you nationally recognition and licensing in our residential treatment center. This means that you can be comforted knowing that your child is in good hands. We have been providing a more connected and long-lasting, recovery-focused experience to teen for over 10 years in substance abuse and mental health treatment. We would love to see if our proven-solution could work for you! Imagine what your life will look like when your child has their life back. We’re excited to help you and your teenager get there! Give us a call today to get started!

Treatment, Education and Aftercare Services.

As one of the leading teen rehab facilities in the US, our experts at Inspirations designed a treatment center and addiction treatment program like no other. It provides addiction prevention, treatment and aftercare services. Teens at Inspirations learn to be responsible for themselves and to be accountable for their actions through various hands on chores and activities. Adolescents of the same gender will live together in supervised apartments located near the treatment center. Transportation to the treatment center will be provided daily.

We understand everyone is unique. Our treatment approach Inspirations is not “one-size-fits-all”. Instead, therapists, doctors and addiction experts work with each teen and their family to design a Personalized Treatment plan. Each plan is based on the teen’s individual needs and medical history.

Teachers at Inspirations Academy provide an educational component to the rehab program. We provide schooling in the core subjects to all teenagers during their stay at our treatment center. Teens can complete school work from their home school or they can work online through virtual schooling. Inspirations Academy also provides tutoring services, GED and SAT/ACT preparatory programs for the college-bound youth.

Meet the Team

On average, each person has been on our team for over 10 years. You could call us family!

In designing our teen addiction treatment programs, we put emphasis on helping your teen and family.

Our focus is on recovery and teaching the life skills necessary for your teen to reach all of their personal and professional goals.

When teenagers stay with us, they participate in daily therapy, counseling and recreational activities. Through these activities, teenagers learn how to interact with one another. They will learn conflict resolution and anger management skills. Our program is gender-based, so teens will be able to put their focus on recovery without distractions.

Inspirations’ teenagers will learn to use the life skills they learn at Inspirations to stay sober while navigating the world of young adulthood.

Inspirations offers a variety of teen addiction treatments including residential rehab for boys and girls, teen interventions, dual diagnosis treatment and much more. Are you ready to have your family whole again? Contact Inspirations today for questions regarding addiction and treatment for a teen in your life. For adult rehab, please visit our sister facility at Cove Center for Recovery.


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Your teen will be seen,

understood, and heard.

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