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Inspirations for Youth and Families always encourages the teens in our drug rehab to try new and healthy activities that promote a sober lifestyle. We offer sober fun outings, activities and many types of therapies to foster coping skills the teens can use at home.

One of our teen’s Shannon expressed an interest in writing poems so we encouraged her through a school assignment to recreate a Walt Whitman poem from her point of view. Shannon enjoyed poetry so much she decided to write another poem which we then posted on our social media pages. The response to her poem has garnered such a positive response it went viral!

On the heels of her successful class assignment the following week with some encouragement from our educational department, Shannon decided that she would read her poetry for the first time to her fellow peers. The words of her poetry moved both the teens and Inspirations drug rehab’ staff. After reading the poems she was the recipient of a standing ovation that she was very happy to receive.

You can watch Shannon reading her poems here:

We then sat down with Shannon and asked her how she felt about her viral poem and reading something so personal to her peers.

Watch here:

Art Therapy

At Inspirations art therapy can take on many forms from painting and drawing to crafts or even poetry! For our teen clients creating art allows them to express their inner most feelings free from judgment or ridicule. It also helps teens to express unresolved feelings they have trouble articulating. We often recommend this as a coping skill to our teens as it provides relaxation, stress relief, empowerment and self fulfillment.

Through art therapy our therapists are also able to understand the thoughts and feelings of our clients. Our therapists analyze the messages through their artwork.

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