Denise (IYF): Hello Romairo, it’s your last day. How you feeling?

Romairo: I’m feeling wonderful, I’m feeling wonderful. I’m just thankful for leaving. I’m very, very excited; very nervous about this process. Returning back to the real world.

Denise (IYF): Let me ask you, when you first got here were did you know you were coming here?

Romairo: No ma’am I did not. I was in a days still. I did not know, but I’m thankful that I came here and I’m glad that I’m here and I’ve completed the program.

Denise (IYF): Awesome. What’s changed for you?

Romairo: Everything, my life is changed. My mindset, the way I feel, the way I think now; everything is a lot different.

Denise (IYF): How did you like your therapist?

Romairo: I love my therapist. He’s a wonderful person. I learned from the best, and when you learn from the best you get the best, you expect the best results.

Denise (IYF): How is your relationship with your mom now? I know it was a little, you were having a breakdown in that sense. How is…

Romairo: It’s way better, I can actually talk without getting upset. I feel way better in that aspect.

Denise (IYF): Okay. Well we want to wish you congratulations.

Romairo: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Denise (IYF): Please come back and visit.

Romairo: Of course, of course.

Denise (IYF): Alright, and all the best of luck in the world.

Romairo: Thank you.

Denise (IYF): Okay.

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