Education Director Denise Achee: Hi! I’m here at Inspirations with a client and his mother. This is an exciting day. I’d like to hear from mom first. So how was the experience?

Matt M’s Mother: It’s been absolutely wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

DA: Yeah?

Mom: I sent in a young, scrawny addicted child and I’m bringing home a clean young man.

DA: That’s awesome!

Mom: It was a wonderful experience. Yes, yayy!

DA: You seem very happy so that’s great.

Mom: Yes.

DA: Matthew, tell us. First of all, did you have an intervention to come here or did you come here willingly?

Matt M: I came here willingly, well…technically.

DA: Technically, kind of willingly, right? What was your drug of choice, what were you here for?

MM: Heroin.

DA: Heroin.

MM: Yeah.

DA: Okay. There’s been a significant change in you. Tell us about your journey, a little bit about when you first got here, what did you feel?

MM: When I first got here I didn’t think anything. I didn’t think I was an addict. I was just doing it because I had to do it. Once I got here I realized I was an addict and there was a snowball effect and everything else like, this place is just…it completely changed me and brought me back to what I used to be. It’s just awesome, I guess, there’s no other way to describe it.

DA: How was the residence? How was the living?

MM: Well compared to the place… I was at a program right before this and compared to that place, it’s awesome. I mean, we have our own apartments which is awesome. All over it’s just good.

DA: Food was okay?

MM: Food was great!

DA: Alright and what about the staff?

MM: I didn’t have any problems with any of the staff. The staff is nice, they’re understanding. You can relate to some of them, a lot of them.

DA: And your therapist? Did you have a good relationship with her?

MM: I had a great relationship with her. She was the best therapist I’ve ever had.

DA: That’s awesome and what about your schooling? What’s happened with that?

MM: Schooling…I came in here failing and not being able to graduate and now I’m leaving and I’m going to be able to graduate, so I mean that pretty much says it all.

DA: That’s awesome. So you’re feeling really good, right?

MM: I feeling awesome.

DA: Well thank you, I know you’re in a hurry to catch a plane. This is short and sweet, but it’s very important for others to hear your story, your journey, and the success. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

MM: Alright.

DA: I want a picture of your graduation. I always say that to everybody but I do because it’s a huge achievement. You know? To get you back on track in life, in education, emotionally, spiritually. What’s your plan for when you go home, or for the summer?

MM: I have a long list of things I’m going to do. A lot of hobbies, a lot of sports. I want to get a job. I’m going to the gym. Hit a lot of meetings, get a sponsor. All that. Everything.

DA: Great, well congratulations. I know you’re in a rush so I’m kind of speeding this up but thank you so much for taking this moment out to do this. I really appreciate it.

MM: No problem.

Mom: Thank you.

DA: Alright, thank you! Yay!

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