Drama therapy good and bad angels
Our teens at Inspirations for Youth and Families are at it again! During a session of drama therapy the teens created a new series titled Good Angel, Bad Angel.  This series shows our teens expressing opposing sides of an argument.

Although some of these arguments may appear simple in nature they reflect the internal struggle people often face, especially addicts. Our teens did a great job during this session at relaying their emotions and presenting equal arguments about each topic.

Good Angel, Bad Angel


A teen depicts her internal struggle about stealing from her mother. Her bad angel appears reassuring her that her mother will not notice and everything will be just fine. Her good angel then appears to tell her stealing is wrong and she should return the item and beg for forgiveness.

The Break-Up

Here another teen is struggling with the choice to end her relationship with her boyfriend. The good angel appears to tell her that this is the best choice for them both and reassures her she is making a good choice. The bad angel appears telling her she is selfish and should think about what they have invested into each other.

Quitting the Choir

In this series our teen is having thoughts about quitting his choir. The angel of good appears and informs him that he is great at singing and he sounds even better with the choir. The angel also reminds him that he is the pride of his family. The bad angel then appears telling him its okay to quit and that his voice is much better without the choir’s help.

During this drama therapy session our teens are addressing the internal struggle of a person with a difficult choice to make. These themes also represent several struggles an addict may face such as hurting their family members or others around them (stealing), giving up on getting better (quitting choir) and the hard choice of leaving toxic people no matter who they are behind (breaking up).

Watch the entire series here.

Drama Therapy at Inspirations

At Inspirations for Youth and Families we strive to treat teens struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and provide a variety of therapeutic methods to do so. Although drama therapy may seem unconventional it has shown great results in helping our teens to overcome their mental and behavioral issues. Drama Therapy is the use of theater techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote mental health. This is also known as expressive or creative therapy.

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