Interview transcription:

IYF: Hi Brandon, so when are you leaving?

Brandon: Leaving Friday, and at 9:30.

IYF: Wow, how do you feel?

Brandon: Pretty excited to go home and start my life over.

IYF: Awesome, how do you feel from when you came in how are you feeling?

Brandon: I was little clouded up. I really didn’t think too much, I just did and now I’m starting to do more responsible choices.

IYF: All right did you want to come here when you came, or …

Brandon: Not, no at first. I’m glad that my mom and dad sent me here because it helped me for the benefit.

IYF: How’s your relationship with them now? Is it better than it was before?

Brandon: Yeah, me and my dad started to talk more and me and my dad never talked before now we’re talking a lot more. It’s pretty good.

IYF: That feels good. What is your intention when you go home?

Brandon: Make new friends, cancel the friends I have now. At least the one that used, and be better in school.

IYF: Good and you’re a good student. We’ve really enjoyed you in the classroom.

Brandon: Yeah, I enjoyed the classes here too.

IYF: We will miss you, congratulations.

Brandon: Thank you.

IYF: Keep in touch for that …

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