IYF: Hi Austin. How are you doing? You’re going to be leaving tomorrow, how do you feel?

Austin: Pretty good, Ms. Denise. I’m excited to leave.

IYF: I mean how do you feel from when you came in? What’s different.

Austin: I feel when I came in, I didn’t want to be here. From the time I’ve been here I feel there’s a purpose that I’m here now, there’s a better reason to I guess stay clean and I just felt that I should probably connect more with my parents because before I didn’t really have relationship with them. Now, it’s like I feel like I need them in my life or just like more structure at least. Because that’s what I didn’t have before, I’m going to be working on that when I get home.

IYF: That’s awesome congratulations, please keep in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you …

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