Denise (IYF): Do you want to share with us why you came here? What were the reasons?

Alex: I was smoking a lot of weed at the time; marijuana was my drug of choice. I just had a problem with it.

Denise (IYF): Now that you’ve been here, now that you’ve been here for how many days?

Alex: 54.

Denise (IYF): 54 days, wow. How do you feel different than when you came in?

Alex: I feel a lot different. I feel a lot more clean; it’s truly hard to explain. My mind is a lot different, it’s in a better place.

Denise (IYF): The fog is lifted kinda sense?

Alex: Yeah, you just see things more clearly for how it really is.

Denise (IYF): How did school go for you while you were here? What happened?

Alex: I definitely had some troubles with school, but I toughed it out; did what I had to do. I feel a lot better now.

Denise (IYF): You just handed me your finals, that’s a good thing.

Alex: Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

Denise (IYF): What are your plans when you go home?

Alex: My plans are to finish out my junior year, finish my senior year, and go on from there.

Denise (IYF): Great. You made a home contract, correct?

Alex: Yeah.

Denise (IYF): What are you committing to in your home contract?

Alex: I’m committing to be clean, help out a lot more around the house. Just not stay out as late. Give up friends, give up places, and give up my drugs.

Denise (IYF): The things that weren’t serving you.

Alex: Yeah.

Denise (IYF): You realize now that weren’t serving you and caused to breakdown. You come from a big family, as I remember.

Alex: Yeah, there’s five kids.

Denise (IYF): Wow, so you’re mother is going to be delighted to receive you back home a new man.

Alex: Yeah, it’s going to be great.

Denise (IYF): Congratulations, we’re very proud of you. We hope you keep in contact.

Alex: I most likely will.

Denise (IYF): We hope you come back and speak one day.

Alex: We’ll see.

Denise (IYF): Okay. Thank you so much and congratulations.

Alex: Thank you.

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